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JZ Industry News and Notes

In these difficult economic times, shippers must be resourceful when looking for LTL Services. Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments do not require a full trailer of cargo. With most large logistics companies dedicating the majority of their fleets to long-haul truckload Transportation Hauling, there is a significant decrease in the number of market players for Domestic LTL Services.

The Journal of Commerce recently reported that, the ten largest LTL carriers in the U.S. increased revenue by 17% in 2011, and as a result the LTL market expanded by a total of 11.6%. With LTL transportation being dominated by a couple of major market players, one must take the following factors into consideration when finding the most efficient Domestic LTL services.

1. Consider a Regional Carrier vs. National Carrier

Regional transport carrier services, such as JZ Expedited Logistics, usually have more dense freight in certain regions so you not only are able to get a cheaper rate, but these companies’ expertise and knowledge in the region usually allows them to be better equipped in the handling of unforeseeable circumstances.

2. Take Advantage of Pup Trailers

Certain carriers offer discounted spot rates for LTL freight that is consolidated into two, connected trailers known as pup trailers.

3. Competitive Transit Times & Rates

3rd party logistics providers must be able to transport freight in a timely manner and at a competitive rate.

4. Carrier Flexibility to Change

3rd party logistics companies should be fairly flexible to changes and be willing to accommodate you with expedited freight service and other freight solutions when necessary.

5. Multiple Customer Service Options

Your customer service representative should keep you informed through notifications at critical points in your shipment.

6. GPS Tracking

Take advantage of companies who offer full transparency of your shipment through technology and online-based tracking tools from the point of origin to destination.

7. Multiple Transportation Modes for Money Savings

Freight solutions providers should work with you to provide the most effective and optimal modes of transport carrier services.

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