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By Jeff Berman, Group News Editor
September 14, 2015

August followed a similar pattern laid out in July in the most recent edition of the Cass Freight Index Report from Cass Information Systems, with declines for both freight shipments and expenditures.

Many freight transportation and logistics executives and analysts consider the Cass Freight Index to be the most accurate barometer of freight volumes and market conditions, with many analysts noting that the Cass Freight Index sometimes leads the American Trucking Associations (ATA) tonnage index at turning points, which lends to the value of the Cass Freight Index.

August freight shipments—at 1.127—were down 1.2 percent compared to July, following a matching 1.2 percent drop off in July, and are down 0.033 percent from the 2015 high of 1.160. The annual decline for shipments in August was steeper, down 4.6 percent compared to August 2014. Despite the annual and sequential declines, shipments eclipsed the 1.0 mark for the 60th time in August.